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    Canwallpaper is a website that aims to provide the best examples of any kind of pictures and the biggest wallpaper archive in the world, to their visitors and users. With its big archive that includes millions of pictures and its user-friendly interface, you can get any wallpaper that automatically adjusting to the screen resolution of your tablet, smartphone, computer and any device that you use.

    Canwallpaper, by automatically detecting your screen resolution sizes, will help you to download the picture, which is chosen by you, with the highest resolution quality.  Beside this, you can easily find the image that you want to get, by searching among the thousands tags and in 26 main categories.  Also, with help of the filters on search menu, you can list the images that you desire, even by color.

    If you desire, you can sign up. After that you can upload and add wallpapers to your favorites or you can vote for pictures, get updates and have fun with us by visiting our forum and blog.  We have been doing or best to improve our services, and we will continue to improve our services and move up always on the way of being the biggest archive of images in the world.


    All images on Canwallpaper.com which are uploaded by our community members consist of contents which are collected from a wide range of websites, including free image websites and published. Canwallpaper.com is a website that respects to intellectual property rights and we expect from our members to do the same. in the suitable conditions, Canwallpaper.com can delete or suspend the accounts in the event of violating intellectual property rights. We create a blacklist to prevent such violations in the future. If you think that there is a copyright infringement issue related our services, please send us an email to copyright@canwallpaper.com with following requirements.